Willi Cicci

Willie Cicci is a fictonial Soldier in the Corleone Crime Family.He is protrayed by Joe Spinell

first acheived prominence in the Family by helping to destroy one of the Tattaglia Family's drug markets in Midtown, and later helping to destroy a case against Aldo Trapani for the destruction of a market. He also prevented the Stracci Family from taking back the Italia Warehouse, which had been won by the Corleones. He gained greater respect after he assasinated Don Carmine Cuneo at the Savannah Hotel on the day of Michael Rizzi's baptism. He was known to frequent Molsenni's in Little Italy and was good friends with Tiger Molsenni.

When the Corleone Family moved to Nevada, Cicci remained in New York, working for caporegime Peter Clemenza and later Frank Pentangeli. He went with Pentangeli to Anthony Corleone's baptism and Lake Tahoe and expressed his suspicions about the death of Clemenza, who had supposedly died of a heart attack.

After the party, Cicci was with Pentangeli when he was nearly killed by the Rosato brothers, he was in the car and was shooting at the Rosato brothers. however he was struck by a car and wounded.

Cicci recovered and was made to testify against his employer, but, seeing as he had never actually received direct orders from him, could not. It is presumed that he was later killed for breaking the omerta.

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