Vitti Crime Family

The Vitti Crime Family is a fictional Crime family in the movies Analyze This and Analyze That

The Vitti Crime family was formed by Paul Vitti's grandfather Vitone Vitti when he came to America from Naples, Italy in 1904.Paul's father Giovanni Vitti ran the family from 1955 to 1960 when he was murderd.Then Domnick Manetta took control of the family with Paul Vitti as Underboss,When Domnick was gunned down in 1999,Paul Vitti took control of the family he represented the Vittis in the New York confrence where he and the other bosses were arrested.Vitti quit the family and retired in 2008 as of 2008 Jelly Riminatia is the Boss.


The Current Boss of the Vitti Crime Family Jelly Riminatia.

Vitone Vitti Boss (1910-1955)
Tommy Dismono Boss (1955-1960)
Giovanni Vitti Boss (1960-1965)
Domnick Manetta Boss (1965-1999)
Paul Vitti Underboss(1979-1999) Boss (1999-2002) Boss (2002-2008)
Jelly Riminatia Capo (1980-1999) Underboss (1999-2005) Boss (2005-Present)
Patti LoPresti Soldier (1970 -1999) Boss (2002-2004)
Eddie Bonsana Soldier (1970-1980) Capo (1980-1999) Underboss (1999-Present)
Jimmy Russo Soldier (1969-1999) Capo (1999 to Present)
Salvatore Masiello Consigerle (1999-Present)
Ben Sobel Consigelre (1999)
MoMo Foccini Soldier (1990- 2004) Capo (2004- Present)

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