The Godfather S Revenge

The Godfather's Revenge, a 2006 novel written by author Mark Winegardner, is the sequel to The Godfather, The Sicilian, and The Godfather Returns. The story takes place from 1963-1964, and picks up the story from where The Godfather Returns left off. The novel deals with the escalation of Michael's uncertainty, his regret, and his guilt-ridden conscience, with Nick Geraci's plots of revenge, with Tom Hagen's being implicated in a murder, and organized crime's battle with a presidential family (the Sheas, who are analogous to the Kennedy family).

The story begins with Michael Corleone having a dream in which his brother Fredo, whom he had killed, warns him of a coming threat. At the same time, the apparition tries to give Michael a message, which he doesn't comprehend.

Carlo Tramonti, a boss of the New Orleans Crime syndicate, is introduced as he sent out of the country by the INS to Colombia, which is claimed he is a citizen of. Meanwhile, Attorney General Daniel Shea declares his war on the mafia. Tom Hagen meets with a CIA agent named Joe Lucadello in a Protestant church in Florida. Lucadello informs Hagen that Nick Geraci, a former caporegime for the Corleone's has turned up. He was formerly hiding in an underground cave under Lake Erie. The book then outlines Nick Geraci's survival in the underground cave, and how he becomes ready to take his revenge. He contacts his father, who helps him get away.

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