Sicilian Mafia

Sicilian Mafia is a fictonial Crime Family in The Grand Theft Auto Series
Appearances: GTA:LCS

In 1998, under the leadership of Salvatore Leone's elderly uncle, the Sicilian Mafia spark several wars between rival families in Liberty City in the hope of controlling the city once the existing families destroy each other.

Their plan is foiled, however, when Leone family Don Salvatore Leone and his Caporegime, Toni Cipriani, are able to hold their own against all of the other criminal organizations in the city. To retaliate, the Sicilians attempt to intimidate the mayor into convicting Leone on racketeering charges. This strategy is never fully executed due to the fact that Cipriani, under orders from Salvatore, kills Massimo Torini, the Caporegime of the Sicilian Mafia. After this, Uncle Leone acknowledges defeat and the Sicilian Mafia leave Liberty City. When his nephew begins to insult him after their final confrontation, he simply replies, "Every dog has his day". Three years later Salvatore Leone is, in fact, killed by Claude, a man whom he betrays.

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