Sam Destefano

Samuele "Mad Sam" DeStefano (September 13, 1909-April 14, 1973) was an American gangster who became one of the Chicago Outfit's most notorious loan sharks and sociopathic killers. Chicago-based FBI agents such as William F. Roemer, Jr. considered DeStefano to be the worst torture-murderer in the history of the United States. The Outfit used the mentally unstable and sadistic DeStefano for the torture-murders of Leo Foreman and Arthur Adler, the murder of DeStefano's younger brother, Michael DeStefano and Outfit enforcer and fellow loan shark William "Action" Jackson. However, due to DeStefano's deranged mental state, The Outfit never let him become "Made." At least one Outfit insider eyewitness claimed that DeStefano was a Devil worshipper.

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