Sam Carlisi

Samuel A. Carlisi aka Black Sam and Sam Wings, (December 15, 1914 – January 2, 1997), was a Chicago gangster who succeeded Joseph Ferriola as boss of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization.

Carlisi started his criminal career with the Outfit as a driver for mobster Joseph Aiuppa when he was boss of the Cicero, Illinois crew. He is the uncle to Chicago Outfit mobsters Dominic Di Maggi and Nicholas DiMaggi. When Aiuppa was convicted in 1986 for the skimming of the Las Vegas casinos, Carlisi served as his replacement and as a front man. Carlisi earned his nickname "Wings" because he often flew around the country as a mob courier during the 1970s. When Ferriola became the boss of the Outfit, Carlisi served as his underboss. This followed the murders of Michael and Tony Spilotro, in which Carlisi had supposedly been involved.

After Ferriola was diagnosed with cancer, he assigned the day-to-day supervision of the Outfit to Carlisi. After Ferriola died, Carlisi became the new boss. In March 1996, Carlisi was convicted of mob racketeering, loansharking, and arson in connection with an illegal gambling business in the Chicago area and the West suburbs and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Convicted with Carlisi were his chauffeur James "Little Jimmy" Marcello, Anthony Zizzo, Anthony Chiaramonti, and Gill Valerio.

On January 2, 1997, Carlisi died a heart attack while serving his prison term.

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