Salvatore "Toto" D'Aquila

Salvatore "Toto" D'Aquila (c. 1878–October 10/28, 1928) was a Mustache Pete-era mobster, olive oil and cheese importer, and early boss of the future Gambino crime family. He had police records in 1906 and 1909. D'Aquila, as the boss of the family, became a target for rival mobsters, on October 10, 1928 (although other accounts claim October 28, possibly a misreading) Joe Masseria's gunmen shot and killed D'Aquila on the corner of Avenue A and 13th Street in Manhattan, New York. He would be only one of the many killed by Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano on their campaign to become Capo di tutti capi (boss of all bosses), including his successor, Alfred Mineo.

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