Rusty Millio

Rusty Millio was a fictonial Capo in The Sopranos.He is played Frankie Valli.

Rusty was a capo in the Lupertazzi crime family and was married to Gianna Millio. Rusty was a close associate of Little Carmine
and considered to be one of the instigators in Little Carmine's power play following boss Carmine Lupertazzi's death. Often accomp
anied by Eddie Pietro, a Lupertazzi soldier who acts as Rusty's driver. Helped Angelo Garepe orchestrate the hit on Joe Peeps (with Tony Blundetto as the hitman) after telling Little Carmine "We'll steamroll right over John. And I predict the guys in the street in Brooklyn and Queens will welcome us as fuckin' heroes! It'll be easy…"

Since the truce and Johnny Sack's arrest Rusty refuses to be in the same room as acting boss Phil Leotardo. He attends a funeral with many members of the Soprano family. Johnny Sack ordered a hit on Rusty (aka "The Mayor of Munchkin Land") through Tony. Johnny called for the hit because he felt Rusty was likely to position someone to try and wrest power away from him while he was in prison. In the episode, "Luxury Lounge" Rusty was assassinated in his driveway by Italian hitmen contracted by Tony.

Rusty is portrayed by Frankie Valli. In the season 1 episode "46 Long", Tony brings his mother, Livia, some flowers which were brought from the "same florist that Frankie Valli uses when he comes to Jersey." Christopher Moltisanti also classes Valli as one of the great Italian-American singers.


Rusty with Capo Carmine Luppertazzi jr.

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