Rigazzi Crime Family

The Rigazzi Crime Family is a fictonial Crime Family in Analyze That.

The Rigazzi Family was started by Ernesto Rigazzi in 1912 in norhtern New York .Ernesto was from Naples aand hired all Neoplitan members.Rigazzi built his family in Prohibiton and centered his empire in Albany and soon got into Turf wars with the Vitti Crime Family. Louis Rigazzi Sr had Vitti boss Giovanni Vitti Killed and started an ongoing fued between the Vittis and Rigazzis.

Ernesto Rigazzi Boss (1912-1920)
Massimo Rigazzi Underboss (1913-1920)
Rico Tomelli Capo (1912-1922)
Rinaldo Frino Capo (1912-1922)
Salvatore TomailloBoss (1922)
Dino LanioUnderboss (1922) Boss (1922-1940)
Angelo Rigazzi Underboss (1935-1940)
Louis RigazziSr Boss (1940-1969)
Louis Rigazzi Jr Boss (1969-Present)
Gino Giucchci Underboss (1969-Present)
Frank Cistino Capo (1982-Present)

Boss Louis RigazziJr and Capo Frank Cistino.

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