Ralph DeSimone

Raulo-Ralph DeSimone Jr. a.k.a Cousin and Raffie (Mahwah, New Jersey c.a. 1943-June 12, 1991 Englewood, New Jersey) was a Genovese crime family associate who was the younger brother of Bonanno crime family soldier Joseph DeSimone.His brother Joseph was charged along with Ralph of operating a crew whose criminal headquarters were a Circle Mobil Auto Service Station located at 9 Bennett Road in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey with eight others, including his brother Joseph DeSimone's son-in-law, a former Fort Lee, New Jersey fire chief Joseph Cariddi. The operation dealt in bookmaking, loan sharking, and trafficking loads of marijuana from a connection in California.Soon after the indictments were handed down to Ralph and Joseph, the Genovese family suspected Ralph of becoming an informant. On June 13, 1991, Ralph DeSimone was found in the trunk of his Cadillac Deville in the long term parking lot at LaGuardia Airport, shot to death.

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