Primo Sidone

Peppino "Primo" Sidone(1958-1999) was a fictonial Mob Boss of the Sidone Crime Family on Analyze This he is played by Chazz Palminteri.

Peppino Sidone was born a low level associate of the Vitti Crime Family.His Father was suspected to be involved in Giovanni Vitti's murder he grew up in the Bronx with Paul Vitti he was close friends with paul until Paul's father was killed Primo was a made member of the Vitti Crime Family until he formed the Sidone Crime Family.The Vittis and Sidones were at war almost all the time especially after Domnick Trucci was killed.Primo was arrested at the New york meeting he was killed in jail in 1999.he has two kids Primo Jr and Angelo Sidone.

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