Peter Milano

Peter John Milano aka Shakes (b. December 22, 1925 - ) is a Los Angeles mobster who served as the acting boss for the Los Angeles crime family.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Milano was the son of veteran Los Angeles mobster Anthony Milano and brother to mobster Carmine Milano. A resident of Culver City, California, Peter Milano owned the Roman Candle Bar in Los Angeles. Milano was primarily involved in bookmaking and illegal gambling.

In January 1974, Milano was indicted on charges of narcotics trafficking Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In July of that year, Milano was also indicted on federal RICO changes. In September, Milano was convicted of drug trafficking and sent to prison for four years. In June 1975, Milano pleaded guilty to the RICO charges and received another four year sentence. In 1984, Milano was indicted again on bookmaking charges. In March 1988, Milano pleaded guilty again to racketeering charges and received six years in prison. On April 4, 1991, Milano was released from prison.

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