Peter Gotti

Peter Gotti is a Mafia member of the Gambino crime family and is the brother of John Gotti.

Peter "Cyclops" Gotti was born in 1939 to John and Fannie Gotti. Peter is one of 13 children that make up the famous Gotti family of New York, his most famous siblings being brothers John, Gene, Richard and Vincent, all well known members of the Gambino crime family. He became an associate of the Gambino crime family around 1960 and became a made member in 1988, his brother John taking over as Boss of the Gambino crime family in 1986 after the assassination of previous Boss, Paul "Big Paul" Castellano. In 1989, Peter was promoted to Capo of his brother John's old crew, eventually Peter would become the Acting Boss of the crime family and some say official Boss.

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has spent most of his life as a sanitation worker for the City of New York and was limited by his brot
her in the Mafia life due to his lack of good business sense. His earliest days as a member of the crime f
amily were spent as caretaker of the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, a social club that was located in Ozone Park, Queens, driver and at the behest of his brothers John and Gene. Because both brothers were eventually sentenced to prison, Peter Gotti played a crucial role because he was allowed to visit both of them and send messages back to the crime family. In 1999 the Gambino crime family's acting boss, John A. Gotti, the son of John Gotti and nephew of Peter was imprisoned leaving "Uncle Peter" to assume command of the crime family. Peter Gotti was assisted in his leadership role by two other prominent capos named Nicholas "Little Nick" Corozzo, a former rival of John Gotti and John "Jackie Nose" D'Amico, a longtime associate of the Gottis. Together they formed the "Committee" which ran the day-to-day operations of the Family. Sometime in late 2001 or early 2002 with official boss John Gotti in prison and terminally ill his brother Peter was named the new sitting or official boss of the Gambino crime family. The decision to promote Peter Gotti as the new boss of the crime family was obviously in anticipation of "The Dapper Don's" death, but once again the Gambino crime family's leadership would be rocked as the new boss was indicted and jailed along with various members of the crime family on racketeering charges only days before his brother's death on June 10, 2002.

In 2003 Peter Gotti, along with brother Richard V., nephew Richard G. and Gambino crime family capo Anthony "Sonny" Ciccone were convicted for their role that involved extorting and money laundering centered around criminal activities on Brooklyn and Staten Island's waterfront. In the same trial Gotti was convicted for his role in attempting to extort Hollywood action film star Steven Seagal. He received a federal prison sentence of over 20 years and in April of 2004 he received an additional 9 1/2 year sentence for his part in a construction industry extortion plot and for potting to kill former Gambino crime family Underboss and turncoat, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano.

During Peter Gotti's trial the federal prosecutors presented evidence that confirmed the crime boss was having an extramarital affair with Marjorie Alexander, a longtime paramour who had remained anonymous despite her daily attendance during Gotti's 2003 trial. Alexander publicly announced her love for Gotti who then berated his lover for causing a big stir with her announcement. Apparently Gotti ceased all contact with his mistress following his subsequent convictions, Alexander later committed suicide. Gotti's wife of 42 years, Catherine filed for divorce and asked the judge at one of Gotti's trials to lock him up and throw away the key.

As of October 2007, Peter Gotti is imprisoned at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn. His projected release date is May 5, 2032

Peter has a son, Peter Jr., who is a construction worker. He appeared in several episodes of A&E's Growing Up Gotti.

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