Pegrino Crime Family

Pegorino Family
Appearances: GTA IV

Led by James Pegorino, the Pegorino family is not one of the Five Families and is considered a smaller mafia outfit, which Jimmy wants to change. Other key members of the family include associate Phil Bell and capo Ray Boccino. Despite Pegorino's efforts to get his organization on the Liberty City Commission, the other Families continue to view the Pegorino family as a joke.

The Pegorino family begins to unravel when Jimmy and other members are indicted, mainly because Pegorino's personal bodyguard Anthony Corrado snitched to the law (he is killed before he can testify in court). Ray Boccino is also killed on suspicion of being a snitch. With the law closing in all around, Pegorino becomes desperate to be rid of any evidence that would implicate him and his organization, most notably a large amount of heroin that the Pegorino family stole from a Triad gang. He enters into a partnership with the leader of Liberty City's Russian mafiya, Dimitri Rascalov, who agrees to find a buyer for the heroin in exchange for half the profit. Niko, who has worked for the Pegorino family in the past, is asked by Pegorino to oversee one half of the deal.

If the player chooses not to go through with the deal and kill Dimitri, the Pegorino family is ruined and Phil Bell leaves the dying organization. A furious Pegorino attempts to get revenge on Niko by shooting him at Roman Bellic's wedding, but kills Kate McReary by accident. After the shooting, everyone in town wants Pegorino dead, according to Little Jacob. After a long shootout and chase, Niko kills Pegorino on Happiness Island. It is suggested that the Pegorino family ceases to exist after his death.

If the player chooses to go through with the deal, Niko and Phil Bell meet with the buyers at one location to pick up the money, while Dimitri sells the heroin at a different location. However, Dimitri ends up killing the buyers and keeping the heroin for himself. Niko and Phil manage to fight their way to the money and retrieve it. With the Russians taking the heroin off his hands and the Pegorinos managing to get the money regardless, the Pegorino family gains a lot of power. According to Little Jacob, Pegorino considers himself the "Don of Dons" afterwards. However, Dimitri betrays Pegorino and kills him, wishing to keep the money for himself. It is unknown if the Pegorino family ceases to exist after this, due to Phil Bell still being with the organization and the money possibly still in their hands.

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