Pax Soprana (Sopranos Episode)

Pax Soprana" is the sixth episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos. It was written by Frank Renzulli, directed by Alan Taylor and originally aired on Sunday February 14, 1999.

Guest starring roles
JerryAdler as Hesh Rabkin
Joe Badalucco as Jimmy Altieri
Vincent Curatola as Johnny Sack
Tony Darrow as Larry Boy Barese
Al Sapienza as Mikey Palmice

After a long wait, a Soprano has finally become the boss of the DiMeo crime family, and it's Tony's Uncle Junior. But as his lead henchman, Mikey Palmice, says when he busts up Sammy Griggio's card game, Junior is "not respecting old arrangements". He changes old deals and attempts to have more money funneled toward him, while allowing less to trickle down to his capos.

Tony allowed Junior to gain control of the family in the hope that he himself would be able to be the de facto boss, while leaving Junior to deal with the headaches associated with being the boss. Thus, the captains come to Tony to complain, letting him know they are unhappy with the way Junior "eats alone" and that Mikey should've let the card game proceed after Sammy brought up Jimmy Altieri's name.

Junior makes another rash decision when he finds out one of Larry Boy Barese's top earner's, Rusty Irish, had sold drugs to the grandson of one Junior's friends, a 14-year old, and that the boy had committed suicide. He decides that to make sure Rusty stops selling drugs, he needs to get rid of him completely. Mikey Palmice drags him to the bridge above the Great Falls of the Passaic and throws him off the bridge, the same way the boy committed suicide. After he kills Rusty, he notices some witnesses sitting on the far side of the bridge and pays them to keep quiet.

Livia convinces Junior to tax Tony's Jewish associate Hesh Rabkin, even though Hesh's arrangement has been in place for decades, dating back to Tony’s father. When Hesh approaches Tony with the news and threatens to leave the area, Tony aligns with Johnny Sack, the recognized Underboss in New York's Lupertazzi crime family, and helps Hesh and Sack present a disingenuous proposition for Junior to accept. Tony has made the decision himself, but he allowed Junior to think he was in charge.

After more persuading from the other capos, Tony meets with his uncle at a little league baseball game to try to convince him to share more of his wealth. With historical evidence related to the leadership skills of Augustus Caesar and a dirty fable about bovines, Tony is successful. Junior decides to divide the money he received from Hesh and give it to his capos. Tony returns his share to Hesh himself.

Meanwhile, Tony is having difficulty with his libido, and is fantasizing about Dr. Melfi, through thoughts and dreams. At his therapy session he professes his love for Dr. Melfi, who tries to explain what he feels is not love, but positive feelings as the result of his progress in therapy. Carmela expresses a jealousy towards Melfi that she's never felt about Tony's comares. Later, Carmela tells Tony that she wants to be the female in his life to help him, and Tony agrees.

Even though Tony really controls the family, Junior becomes the main focus of the FBI. At a banquet to honor the new boss, the Feds are in attendance, disguised as servers. With the photographic information they gather from their button cameras, they move Junior up their hierarchy board, to replace the late Jackie Aprile, Sr. as "Boss." Tony's position as "captain" remains unchanged; he is on the same level as the other capos.

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