Paul Vitti

Paolo Giovanni Vitti (1945- 2009) was the boss of the fictonial Vitti Crime Family from 1999 to 2004. in the mafia comidies Analyze This and Analyze That. He is played by Robert De Niro.

Paul Vitti was born in the Bronx, New York in 1945 his father wanted him to go to college and be a Bussinesman,as a child Vitti wanted to be a cowboy.Vitti was present when his friend Domnick was killed by the Sidone Crime Family Vitti soon captured Jimmy "Shivers" Intintola bu did not beat him and instead had a panic attack he went to see a "Shrink" which temporaliry cured him he represented the Vitti Crime family at the New York Meeting and got into one final shootout with Primo Sidone in which Primo and paul were arrested Vitti got out of jail on insanity and pulled the Family together and pulled a gold heist but instead of keeping the gold he framed the Rigazzis he quit he family and named Jelly Boss.He died of cancer in 2009.

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