Nino Parrino

Anthony "Nino" Parrino(1930-)

Coming out of the "Vitale side" of the St Louis family, Anthony "Nino" Parrino was heavily tied in with Teamsters locals and very much part of St Louis's underworld. He fell into the role of consigliere or counselor around the time Tony Giordano passed away. By 1986, with boss Trupiano going away to prison, Parrino was openly referring to himself "as the boss". With Parrino, the ties to Chicago and Detroit were assumed to be broken. Long time St. Louisan mobster Joseph Cammarata is thought to be operating the local crime family in tandem with Parrino. Parrino is an element for the bygone era of the St. Louis mob, an organization that seems not to concern law enforcement, both local and federal.

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