Michele La Manna

Feech LaManna is an fictonial mobster on The tv show The Sopranos
An original gangster who was made in Italy, Feech came over to America in the 1950s and settled in North
ern New Jersey where he became involved with the DiMeo crime family, then under the leadership of boss Ercoli 'Eckley' DiMeo. Paulie Walnuts calls him "The King of Breadsticks" because of his bakery and catering company which he is the owner of. A contemporary of Giovanni "Johnny Boy" Soprano and Junior Soprano, Feech had become one of the most respected and feared capos in the DiMeo family by the 1970s. However, his status did not prevent a young Jackie Aprile, Sr. and Tony Soprano from robbing his card game, and thereby solidifying their status as rising stars in the organization. Despite Feech's anger at having been robbed, Jackie's older brother, Richie Aprile, then a high-ranking earner and soldier in the family, intervened on Tony and Jackie's behalf and got Tony and Jackie a pass. They were also helped by the fact that both Tony's father and uncle were powerful capos under Old Man DiMeo.

He is loosely based on Bonanno crime family capo Carmine Galante who after his release from prison, wanted to overthrow existing boss Phillip Rastelli and take over the crime family and the international heroin distributing enterprise.

In 1984, Feech was convicted of criminal charges and began serving a twenty year sentence. In 2004, his sentence was up and he returned to North Jersey to, in his own words, 'get back in the game'.

Feech went to see Tony Soprano, the new boss of North Jersey, and requested his card game back, as well as permission to get back in the action. Tony acquiesced, on the condition that Feech not step on anybody's toes. However, Feech soon got into trouble. After a power struggle with Paulie Walnuts over landscaping of all things, Feech ripped off the cars from Dr. Ira Freid's daughter's wedding. At a card game, Tony had made it clear that Dr. Freid was a friend and was not to be touched, but Feech went ahead with his plan anyway. Tony realized that Feech still thought of him as a kid, and therefore did not believe he owed him the respect of the boss. He knew this was dangerous and had dealt with it before with Richie Aprile. As such, Tony used Christopher Moltisanti and Benny Fazio to entrap Feech into holding onto a stolen shipment of plasma screen televisions. When a parole officer who was not Feech's regular supervisor came by, the jig was up and Feech ended up back in prison.

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