St Louis Crime Family

The St. Louis Family was an Italian American Mafia family based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Giordano faction
After Johnny Vitale retired, Kansas City Mob boss Rafael Caleca choose Anthony Giordano to be the boss of the former Vitale Mob. Giordano succeeded Vitale in a loud and noisy fashion. When a St. Louis reporter asked Giordano about his Mob connections Girodano went crazy and hit the reporter in the head with a bar stool and walked out. The Giordanos had strong ties with the much more powerful Licavoli Mob. The Giordanos were mainly active from 1945 to the late 1970s when Matthew "Mike" Trupiano took over the family.


John Vitale Boss (1945-1960)
Anthony Giordano Boss (1960-1972)
Matthew "Mike" Trupiano Boss (1972-1990)
Joesph Monti Associate (1971-1999)
James Giammanco Capo (1961-1990)
Matthew Truopiano Jr Boss (1990-Present)
Nino Parrino Consiglere (1980-Present)
Anthony "Tony" Lopiparo Soldier(1955-1990) Capo(1991)
Ralph Caleca Soldier(1944-1999)
Joseph Cammarata Underboss (1980-present)

St Louis Crime Family

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