Matthew "Mike" Trupiano

Matthew M. "Mike" Trupiano, Jr. (November 8, 1938 – October 22, 1997) was the boss of the St. Louis crime family from 1982 to 1996.

Matthew Trupiano was born in on November 8, 1938 in Detroit, Michigan to a Sicilian-American family.His father immigrated From Masina and met Mrs. Trupiano in Detroit.

Trupiano had problems with the Detroit Mob. With the help of his uncle, St. Louis crime family boss Anthony Giordano, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri. He became president of the family-controlled Local 110 of the Laborers Union. He was quickly made after Giordano died in 1980. John Vitale took over the family, when Vitale died in 1982, Trupiano succeeded him.
Trupiano was arrested in 1990 and charged with running an illegal gambling operation and embezzlement of union funds. The embezzlement charge was dropped, but Trupiano was convicted on the gambling charge and sentenced for four years imprisonment. In 1992, the union local voted him out of office. In poor health, he was released after serving 16 months.

Matthew Trupiano suffered a heart attack at his home on October 22, 1997 and was pronounced dead at St. Antony's Medical Center in South St. Louis County.

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