Matthew Bevilaqua

Matthew Bevilaqua is a Fictonial Mobster on The Sopranos

a.k.a. Matt Drinkwater, was Sean Gismonte's partner-in-crime and an associate in the Tony Soprano crew. He worked the executive card game along with Sean.He also sold shares in Webistics through a stock brokerage operated by Christopher Moltisanti. The Webistics scam was a typical pump and dump exercise. They got into trouble with Chris for stealing cars and beating up a broker who recommended the sale of other stocks. Matt also did some burglary jobs with Chris and Sean. Furio and an associate took extra money when they came to collect Tony's cut from the burglaries. Because of their lower status,
Matt and Sean could not refuse. They wanted to move up in the ranks of the family, so they planned a hit on Chris in order to get recognized by Richie Aprile, who disliked Chris for hitting his niece, Adriana.Matt and Sean attempted a drive-by hit on Chris which resulted in Chris shooting Sean to death in self defense. Chris was seriously wounded in the attack. Matt ran away from the scene and went to Richie seeking help. Richie refused because he knew Tony would kill anyone involved in the attack. Richie chased Matt away with a baseball bat and Matt went into hiding. Eventually, Pussy learned of Matt's whereabouts. Pussy and Tony dragged a beaten Matt to an abandoned shack and shot him 21 times in the chest, stomach and head. Cops later found Matt's body and a witness told officials about the murder. The witness identified Tony from a picture without knowing that he was a mob boss. When the witness learned that the man he fingered was Tony Soprano, he refused to cooperate. The feds continue to try to pin the murder on Tony, but remain unsuccessful.

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