Licavoli Crime Family

Licavoli Crime Family is an Sicillian American Mob that is based in Detroit St. Louis, and San Diego

The family was formed by brothers Thomas Yonnie Licavoli, Peter Pete Licavoli, and cousin Jack Licavoli.

The family formed after Peter Licavoil broke off the Purple gang in the 30's and started extorting local bussiness.The family's first offical Don was Peter Licavoli. The family was officaliy recongized in 1939 and had strong ties to the Giordano family in St.louis.The family prospered and they used Angelo Licavoli's Villa Nova Italian resturant as their base until it closed in the 90's. The Family turf stereched from Toledo to Detroit.Peter Licavoli thought he deserved to get premoted to boss of the Purple Gang but when they decided to use thier judge to put Licavoli in jail for a year.But by the time Licavoli got out of jail th Purple gang had dissolved he started extoritng local Italian, German, Jewish, Irish, and Lebanese bussiness with his brothers Yonnie, Domnic,Angelo and cousins Jack and Anthony.They were quickly named the Licavoli mob and a year later they were reconized by Detroit Boss Joe Zaluchi and the next year they were oficcaly reconized by the National Comisson.Thier turf by the early 50's streched from Detroit to most of Michigan parts of the Upper Peinsula of Michigan (which was shared by the Up based Riccmi family)they also had interets in New York,Ohio(especially Toledo) Sicily, Naples, Los angeles, and St Louis.

-The Licavoli- Riccmi Mob wars—- when Licavoli ally mob boss Anthony Giordano died from cancer in 1980 Mikey Trupiano came to the Licavoli mob to help him secure the postion of boss in St Louis. Then boss James Licavoli agreed on ceratin conditions one the Licavolis could put thier Capo Micheal DeAngelo as the boss of the local Union and that St Louis had to be willing to do business with the Detroit family.But the Leisures were backed by the Licavoli's arch rivals the Riccmis the Licavolis struck first they bombed the Riccmi's club and killed a made man.The Riccmis struck back and almost killed Jack Licavoli the fighting went on for a 6 months until the Leisure's formally surrenderd the postion to Trupiano.The Riccmi's territory had been reduced stalute Marie in the Up and thier boss Giovanni Riccmi had been killed and of course the Trupianos kept thier word on the conditions.

by the 80's the Licavolis had been crippled by the war between the African American and italian gangs in Detriot. James Licavoli was looking for new bussiness opertunites and saw San Diego as a perfect target he sent then Soldier Giuseppe Foccini to San Diego Licavoli Retired and passed the torch to Foccini as of 2008 Giuseppe runs one of the most powerful families in America.

Pete Licavoli Boss (1930's-1944)
Thomas LicavoliBoss(1944-1955)
James T. Licavoli, Boss(1955-1983)
Angelo Licavoli Underboss(1943 -1983)
Rinaldo Ricco, Soldier(1956-1976)
Don Joesph, Associate(1944-1983)
Dominic Licavoli Capo (1940-1983)
Leo Moceri Consiglere (1940-1980)
Anthony Licavoli Soldier\Capo(1948-1980)
Micheal DeAngelo Capo (1950-1970)
Giovanni Mirabella Soldier(1930-1955)
Jacob "Firetop" Sulkin Associate(1931-1972)
Joesph Monti Associate (1931-1960)
Franco Cupini Soldier (1979-Present)
Rico FocciniUnderboss (1983-Present)
Giuseppe Foccini Boss (1983-Present)

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