Joseph Ferriola

Joseph Ferriola (March 16, 1927 - March 11, 1989), aka Joe Nagall and Oscar, was an American mobster who helped run the Chicago Outfit from 1986 to 1989 after Joseph Aiuppa and John Cerone went to prison for skimming Las Vegas casino profits[1].

He is the father of Chicago Outfit mobster Nicholas Ferriola. In 1970, Ferriola and four other mobsters were convicted for conspiring to operate an interstate gambling ring. He was sentenced to five years in federal prison, but only served about three years. He later became one of the Outfit's many top enforcers. During his mob career, Ferriola was the boss of his own street crew, the Cicero Crew, based in Cicero, Illinois with Ernest 'Rocco' Infelise serving as his underboss. This crew was involved in activities such as extortion, loan sharking, and bookmaking. To protect these enterprises, they resorted to bribery, corruption, and the occasional murder of someone who was a threat to their operation.

At the time of Ferriola's death, federal prosecutors were in the process of seeking an indictment of Ferriola on racketeering charges. On March 11, 1989, Ferriola died at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, after receiving a second heart transplant. He was 61.

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