John Ventimiglia

John Ventimiglia (born July 17, 1963 in Ridgewood, Queens, New York City) is an American actor, most famous for his role as Artie Bucco on the HBO television series The Sopranos. He has had parts in feature films such as Cop Land and Mickey Blue Eyes and has appeared in numerous television shows including Law & Order and NYPD Blue. In August, 2007, he and the David Amram quartet presented a musical and oral homage to sociologist C. Wright Mills and beat author Jack Kerouac. They will continue with a Kerouac show in Denmark, Fall 2007. He also stars in the vampire comedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead (2008) playing the role of Theo Horace.

Ventimiglia grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey

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