John Tronolone

John "Peanuts" Tronolone (December 12, 1910-May 29, 1991) was a Cleveland, Ohio mobster who succeeded crime boss James T Licavoli as head of the Cleveland crime family. Tronolone ran the Cleveland family following the Licavoli-Nardi War from 1985 until 1991.
Born in Buffalo, New York, Tronolone was arrested three times before the age of 21. In 1975, he was convicted of operating a bookmaking operation with an estimated weekly income exceeding $1 million; Tronolone was sentenced to two years imprisonment with a $2,000 fine. At some point, Tronolone became an active member of the Cleveland family. However, Tronolone maintained his family responsibilities from his residence in Florida, where he also operated a travel agency.
Tronolone frequently served as facilitator between the Cleveland family and the Mafia Commission in New York. Since Cleveland was not a Commission member, their interests were served by front boss Anthony Salerno from the Genovese crime family. Tronlone also helped Salerno with other important jobs. In 1980, Angelo Bruno, the boss of the Philadelphia crime family, was killed by rivals within his crime family. The Commission was upset with Bruno's murder because it had not been sanctioned by them and issued a death edict for Philadelphia gangster Johnny "Keys" Simone. Aware that he was in trouble, Simone traveled to Florida to ask Tronolone to intercede for him with Salerno. Tronolone called Salerno, who told him that Simone's fate was sealed. At Salerno's request, Tronolone assured Simone that everything was now OK and that he should return to New York and talk to Salerno. The reassured Simone returned to New York, where his body was discovered several days later.
In 1981, Tronolone and 14 other mobsters were indicted on federal racketeering charges, including 29 counts of conspiracy to murder, labor racketeering, illegal gambling, bid rigging for local food and construction industries, and conspiracy to defraud the Teamsters Union through election fraud. In October 1983, acting boss Angelo Lonardo became a protected federal witness against Tronolone and other Cleveland family members. [1]. Tronolone then became acting boss. In 1985, after Tronolone's acquittal on racketeering charges and the death of Licavoli, Tronolone became the permanent boss of the weakened Cleveland family.In 1989, Tronolone was convicted of racketeering, loan sharking, and dealing in stolen property. On May 29 1991, John Tronolone died in Miami Beach, Florida, from cardiac problems.

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