John DiFronzo

John “No Nose” DiFronzo (b. 1928) is an important Chicago mobster involved in extortion and loansharking. A former enforcer and Capo, DiFronzo ran the Chicago Outfit with Joseph “Joe the Clown” Lombardo for a brief time. He is the brother of Chicago Outfit mobster Joseph DiFronzo.

In 1949, DiFronzo was arrested by Chicago police while attempting to break into a Michigan Avenue clothing store. The legend was that DiFronzo’s nose was permanently disfigured in a shootout with police, leading to his “No Nose” nickname. In actuality, he cut his nose off while jumping out the window and the police followed the blood trail to arrest him. The nose was recovered at the crime scene and surgeons later reattached it. In 1952, DiFronzo was a suspect in the murder of Charles Gross, a Westside politician with suspected ties to organized crime. However, no charges were ever filed.

In 1964, DiFronzo was identified with former Chicago police officers Albert Sarno and Chris Cardi as members of the “Three Minute” Gang, a loansharking operation. When Outfit boss Joseph Aiuppa went to prison in 1986, he chose DiFronzo to oversee Outfit criminal operations in Chicago’s western suburbs (over acting boss Joseph Ferriola). In 1993, Samuel Carlisi and DiFronzo were convicted in San Diego, California federal of racketeering charges, which included trying to take over gaming at the Rincon Indian Reservation in California. The conviction was reversed on appeal and DiFronzo was released in 1994.In 2005, DiFronzo avoided indictment in the “Family Secrets” trial of top Outfit leaders in 18 unsolved murders after cooperating with authorities.

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