James Pegorino

Don James (Jimmy) "The Peg" Pegorino is a mobster heavily involved in drugs distribution, head of the Alderney based Pegrino Crime Family. The Pegorinos also have an hangout in Little Italy, the Drusilla's Ristorante. Jimmy Pegorino's main goal is to see his crime family being named part of the Liberty City Cosa Nostra "Commission". The main five families of Liberty City (The Ancelotti, Pavano, Messina, Gambetti and Lupisella Crime Syndicates) think that the Pegorinos are nothing more than a South Alderney gang. Pegorino had a son who killed himself, so he considers his bodyguard Anthony Corrado the closest thing he has to a son.

Pegorino appears in the final mission seeking Niko's help in selling off heroin that his organization had acquired. However, the police are closing in on the family's activities, so he needs to sell it off. Pegorino enters an alliance with Dimitri Rascalov, who finds buyers for the heroin. In the "Revenge" storyline, with the deal ruined due to Niko killing Dimitri, the Pegorino crime family is all but finished. Pegorino kills Kate McReary in retaliation for Niko ruining the drug deal, thus taking the role of the final boss of the game. In the "Deal" storyline, the deal goes through and the Pegorino crime family gains power and money, but Pegorino is betrayed and killed by Dimitri, who wants to keep everything for himself. Jimmy drives a Black Shafter. He lives in a Mansion on a Hill on Beaverhead Avenue in North Alderney, which is taken over by Kenny Petrovic after his death.

Pegorino seems to be modeled after Don Vito.

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