James Giammanco

Giovanni "James" "Jimmy" Giammanco( 1930-1992)Was a capo in the St Louis Crime family and Nephew of Boss Anthony Giordano

Born in St Louis in 1930 To Siciliian immigrants Angelo and Marie Giammanco James sooned earned a reputation as a thief and a killer he first killed a Black man who walked into the "Sicillian section" of St Louis by throwing him off a roof.His Uncle "Tony G" noticed potential in Jimmy and Took him into the family .In 1948 Giammanco robbed a Hollywood insurance office and was sentenced to 5 years to life in prison.But due to his Uncle he got 15 months. Giammanco was trigger happy and the Mafia respected that.Giammanco was soon premoted to capo and he continued to make money in The Californa and St Louis rackets he had strong ties to the Licavoli Mob especially Angelo Licavoli.On June 7 Giammanco died of old age in Detroit Michigan,he married a woman named Antonia Moceri they had five children he is buried at Mt.Olivet cemetry in Detroit.

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