Anthony Catania

Anthony Catania a.k.a "Tony The Baker" (September 23, 1911 - November 23, 1988) was a Sicilian-American associate with the New York Lucchese crime family.

Born in the Ozone Park section of Queens, Catania was related to Morello crime family aligned mobster Joseph "Joe The Baker" Catania whose family came from Catania. Joseph introduced Anthony to La Cosa Nostra. Joseph rose to prominence within the Morello crime family in the 1920's and appeared to have been involved with Ciro Terranova, Daniel Iamascia and Dutch Schultz. Joseph was later killed by Castellammarese clan leader Salvatore Maranzano's hit squad in the Bronx.
Anthony would later become involved with the Lucchese crime family and served under caporegime Paul Vario. He would become involved in counterfieting and identity fraud which he provided the services for all of the Vario Crew. In 1988, Catania died in Bayside, Queens.

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