Giovanni Mirabella

(1907-1955) Giovanni grew up with the Licavolis and followed them to Detroit and later to Toledo. Mirabella was the man called upon to handle all of the important jobs for the Licavoli gang. Giovanni is the prime suspect in the killing of crusading Detroit radio journalist Jerry Buckley. John also attended the 1928 Cleveland mafia summit as the bodyguard of Detroits Calogeri Sanfilippo. Also suspected of being one of the 3 gunmen in the killing of Jackie Kennedy (along with Joe"the wop"English and Russell Syracuse) this killing led to the conviction of much of the Licavoli gang. Mirabella vanished on March 8,1934 the day the indictments were handed down naming him as a suspect in 8 murders in the Ohio/Detroit areas. It is known that Syracuse and Mirabella operated in Youngstown Ohio operating a produce market. Described as well dressed with a new car every year, Mirabella died on April 5,1955 at the age of 48 under the alias of Paul Mangine. It is believed that his love of good scotch was the cause.

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