Frankie The Squealer

Frankie the Squealer, voiced by Harry Shearer, is another member of the Mafia and associate of the Springfield Mafia.

He is a usual part of a recurring joke where the rest of the mafia punishes him for squealing. He first appeared in the episode of Insane Clown Poppy at the Springfield Mafia meeting where Fat Tony says there is a squealer among the mafia members and then everyone looks at Frankie and then Legs and Louie go after him. He also appears in the end of the episode chasing Homer with Legs and Louie. In Treehouse of Horror XIV when Homer kills Death the Springfield Mafia is shooting him down and then Johnny Tightlips asks "Frankie the Squealer why ain't you dying?" and Frankie then calls up his wife. In The Seven-Beer Snitch when the prisoners are trying to hunt down the snitch Johnny Tightlips beleives it Frankie. In 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky there is a similar character in Fat Tony's trunk named Jimmy the Snitch.

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