Francesco Scalice

Francesco Scalice, aka Don Cheech and Wacky (as he was called by Albert Anastasia) (1893- June 17, 1957) was a New York mobster who became the early boss of the future Gambino crime family from 1930 to 1931, and underboss of the Anastasia crime family from 1951 until 1957. Also a part of the Chicago Outfit Under Al Capone

Scalice was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1893, and immigrated to the US, settling in Brooklyn. He was involved in many crimes, and became Capo in the Brooklyn-based gang of Salvatore D'Aquila. After the murder of D'Aquila in October 10, 1928, the power in New York shifted to Joe Masseria Manhattan-based gang. The successor of D'Aquila, Alfred "Al Mineo" Manfredi connected Masseria with the alliance, and came to conflict with Scalice.

In November 5, 1930, Mineo and his underboss Stefano "Steve" Ferrigno were murdered by Castellammarese Sicilians led by Salvatore Maranzano. Scalice became the new boss of the family and a strong ally and supporter of Maranzano in the Castellammarese War.

The Castellammarese War end in April 15, 1931 when Masseria was killed. Maranzano met with New York Bosses in May of 1931 to work out a peace plan and establish the Mafia Commission. Scalice was given a seat on the Commission and recognized as head of his family. But, Salvatore Maranzano was murdered in September 10, 1931, and Scalice was forced to step down as boss because of his connection to Maranzano. Vincent Mangano became the new boss. Scalice served as a follower of Mangano and Albert Anastasia.

In September 8, 1945, Scalice spent time in Chicago, and had close ties with mobster Tony Accardo, they did the first known drug deal in La Cosa Nostra together.

In June 17, 1957, Scalice was assassinated at a vegetable market in the Bronx section of New York. After his death, Carlo Gambino became Anastasia's underboss.

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