Falcone Crime Family

Carmine Falcone is a fictonial Crime Family Boss in Batman.
was one of the truly great crimelords of Gotham, back when it was a mafia-ran town.. Nicknamed The Roman for his unflinching ruthlessness and expansionism, his mafia network was often called "The Roman Empire." As of the events of "Batman: Year One," Falcone virtually controlled the entire city, with the Mayor, the City council, and the Police Commissioner (Gillian B. Loeb) under his influence. Falcone was completely untouchable by the law. But not by the Batman. When Batman made his first several appearances in Gotham, Falcone was his first real target. At a dinner party hosted at the Falcone mansion, attended by attended by Gotham's wealthiest and most corrupt residents, Batman makes his first announcement. He incapacitates the guards, breaks in, and informs Gotham's corrupt that they will be brought to justice. Despite Commissioner Loeb's promises that he will be stopped, Batman's attacks grow more brazen. At one point, he even invades the Roman's personal bedroom, assaults him, strips him to his underwear, and leaves him hogtied to his bed, then dumps his car into the river. Humiliated, Falcone orders Batman killed. But Batman is too elusive, and to the disbelief of the Roman empire, nobody is able to even touch him.

Finally, Falcone orders the wife and newborn child of police detective Jim Gordon (who had been stirring up trouble for Commissioner Loeb within the GCPD) kidnapped to bring him to heel. The plot is foiled by a joint effort on the parts of both Gordon and Batman. Eventually, with the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Commissioner Loeb is removed from office, and for the first time in years, Carmine Falcone's power begins to slip, just a little bit.

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