Edward Lino

Edward Lino (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn - November 6, 1990, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn) was a Sicilian-American capo in the Gambino crime family and drug trafficker. He was also a cousin of Bonanno crime family capo Frank Lino, and brother-in-law of Salvatore Scala. Edward Lino was related by marriage to Genovese crime family mob associates Carmine Consalvo and Francis Consalvo who were brothers that worked with Vincent Gigante. Carmine and Francis were the uncles to Edward's unidentified wife. He is a paternal first cousin of Bonanno crime family capo Robert Lino Sr. and uncle of Bonanno crime family capo Joseph Lino and Robert Lino Jr.

Edward Lino was a close friend of John Gotti, who he helped to murder Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano. Edward was an influential force in the Gambino family as a drug trafficker with ties to African American drug dealers in Harlem, New York.

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