Down Neck (Sopranos Episode)

Down Neck" is the seventh episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos. It was written by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, directed by Lorraine Senna Ferrara and originally aired on Sunday February 21, 1999.

Guest starring roles
Madeline Blue as Young Janice Soprano
Bobby Boriello as Young Tony Soprano
Rob Grippa as Byron Barber
Laila Robbins as Young Livia Soprano
Joseph Siravo as Giovanni Soprano
Rocco Sisto as Young Junior Soprano

A.J. and his friends steal sacramental wine in school and turn up giggling and hung over at gym class. Tony and Carmela are called in to see the principal of A.J.'s school, Verbum Dei. The principal is accompanied by the school psychologist who tells them that A.J. may have ADHD (known at that time as ADD). The school is lenient in disciplining A.J. because of this, but are considering placing him in a special education class.

This incident prompts Tony to recall his own childhood when he first learned about his family's involvement in the Mafia. In therapy he discusses this with Dr. Melfi. Included in Tony's memory is the time his father wanted to move the family to Reno, Nevada, to manage a supper club for Rocco Altioro. Tony's mother refused and said she would rather suffocate the children than move. Tony, visiting his mother in the nursing home, asks her how Rocco is doing and she responds that Rocco is a multi-millionaire. Tony reminds her of the request to move and she denies that they were seriously considering moving or that she was involved in the decision to stay.

A.J. is punished by his parents and forbidden to watch TV, use the Internet or play Nintendo. He also has to visit his grandmother, Livia, at Green Grove every day. During one visit A.J. discusses his encounter with a school therapist. When Livia reacts negatively, A.J. informs her that Tony is seeing a psychiatrist, something he discovered after eavesdropping on a conversation between his parents. Livia is furious. Later, Livia is poised to pass on this information to Junior but Tony unknowingly walks in before she can say anything about it.

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