Data Race

Data Race Is one of the up and coming SEO and technology blog. While there are many SEO companies in Manchester, Data race offers a different kind of services that are unparalleled and custom according to customer needs. Our Main focus is Local SEO, where we help small to medium business owners get found in google search local business listing.

We help clients with their social media marketing, reputation management and much more.

We are also very passionate about WordPress and everything which makes this free piece of software , the best thing that has ever happened in technology.
Data Race has an obsession with WordPress speed, WordPress Plugins, Free WordPress themes, best wordPress theme, how to start a wordPress blog and much more.

Because we teach people how to make money blogging, it also makes sense that we show them how to get WordPress themes free, WordPress installation services, WordPress SEO, Installation guides, Things they need to know before they download WordPress.

We also know that writting a blog has it's own myths,but we have been around good enough to know a few people who make money blogging.
Google blog as some may call it, most commonly known to many as blogger could possibly be one of the top blogs but if you are thinking of getting into the make money blogging game, WordPress is your best choice out there.

Many people take blogs for granted today, but i still meet a lot of folks who still don't know what is blog and it is a shame that blogs are not a subject for discussion at a family dinner table these days.

If you want to create a free blog, then an affiliate marketing blog would be perfect for you. I still remember the day I took my first step to make money blogging, my friends said writing a blog was a waste of time. Today that free blog I started 8years ago is worth a couple of hundreds of thousands and I have had offers from the left and right from people who wants to buy it off me.

Let me ask you something, what is holding you to start writing a blog ? An affiliate marketing blog you start today could sell for tens of thousands in five years from now, that is after it has also made you money along the way. Yes! I admit that there is a lot of make-belief myths about writting a blog that goes on to establish you as a worthy blogger. If you are going to write a blog, don't do it for the make money blogging bullshit. Do it because writing a blog is your passion, a way to communicate with people you don't get a chance to speak to.

Data Race is a window of freedom to the world for me, I see it as a channel of communication where i get the upper hand in controlling what i say, who i speak to and which opinions should hold me a prisoner in this world where we get judged, chewed and spat by the so-called critics. Heck! i despise critics who get paid for unqualified opinions.

If you are looking, maybe still mauling about getting into the make money blogging BS am your guy to get into contact with the help you need. Now just to make it clear for those of you- chancers! If you think this is a get rich quick scheme, take a hike buddy! If you think i got the results my lazing about without doing the work, don't even bother. If your motivation is how much money you gonna make out of writting a blog please go get a job in [ ShopRite]!
See I only work with people who can run the full course regardless of the weather, I spend sometimes weekends attending to my students when i could be relaxing with my family. But I still do it anyway despite the Mrs giving us grief about it because it matters to you and it is my passion to see others make money blogging simply because I sacrificed my two hours on Saturday morning to take your Skype Call, and help you download WordPress, showed you where to get the best WordPress themes, above all encouraged you that writing a blog that ushered you into the best blog sites list.

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