Dallas Crime Family

The Dallas Crime Family started when a wave of Roman immgriants swept Texas the family was most powerful in the 1960's and started decling in the 1990's but as recently 2005 the family has made a remarkable come back largerly due to the smuggling of Mexian Immigrants to the U.S.The Current Boss is Ernesto Cormilia the family also includes St Louis Boss Anthony Giordano 's Son Tony Jr.


Vitone Riccocia Boss (1920-1945)
Agusto Greco Underboss (1920-1945)
Agnese Riccocia Consilgre (1922-1936)
Angelo Rinali Capo (1933-1950)
Dante Licavoli Capo (1944)
Francesco Foccoci Boss (1934-1960)
Dino Landucci Boss (1960-1990)
Ernesto Cormilia (1990-Present)
Anthony Giordano JR. Underboss (1990-Present)

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