Crime Family

They are in order from the strongest to the weakest.

Genovese Crime Family200-300 Made men 200 associates
Gambino Crime Family150-190 Made men 100 associates
Licavoli Mob 150-180 made men 200 associates
Lucchese Crime Family190-210 Made Men 100 associates
Bonnano Crime Family180 -200 Made Men 100 associates
Colombo Crime Family170-200 Made Men 100 associates
Cleveland Crime Family160 Made Men 101 associates
Buffalo Crime Family 155 Made Men 190-200 associates
The Philadelphia crime family 122 Made Men 100 associates
Detroit Partnership150 Made Men 200 associates
Buffalo Crime Family100-150 Made Men 90 associates
Dallas Crime Family100 -140 Made Men 80 associates
Patriaca Crime Family100-190 Made Men 22 asssociates
Chicago Outfit100 Made Men 50 associates
Kansas City Crime Family50-60 Made Men 33 associates
Colacurcio Crime Family40 Made Men 20 associates
Bufalino Crime Family 60 Made men 33 associates
St. Louis Crime Family39-78 Made Men 44 assoicates
San Jose Crime Family80 Made Men 12 associates
DeCavalcante Crime Family30-50 Made Men 19 associates
San Francisco Crime Family11-15 Made men 50 to 60 associates
Los Angeles Crime Family5-17 Made Men 20 associates

Extinct Families
New Orleans Crime FamilyCurrent Postion Disputed
Morello Crime FamilyPrevlously weakest family
Genna Crime Family All members killed
Riccmi Crime FamilyFamily went broke
Barbara Family Family members moved to diffrent factions
Tucci Crime Family Considerd Dormiant

Fictional Crime Families
Dimeo Crime Family(The Sopranos)
Tarese Crime Family (The Sopranos)
Mangano Crime Family (The Sopranos)
Paglieri Crime Family (The Sopranos)
Lupertazzi Crime Family (The Sopranos)
Corleone Crime Family (The Godfather)
Tattaglia Crime Family (The Godfather)
Stracci Crime Family(The Godfather)
Cuneo Crime Family (The Godfather)
Barzini Crime Family (The Godfather)
Vitti Crime Family (Analyze That,This)
Sidone Crime Family (Analyze this)
Rigazzi Crime Family (Analyze That)
Leone Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Pegrino Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Gambetti Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Pavano Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Messina Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Ancelotti Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Lupisella Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Forelli Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Sindacco Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Vercetti Crime Family (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Sicilian Mafia (Grand Theft Auto Series)
Falcone Crime Family (Batman)
Carlotta Crime Family (Smokin' Aces)
Magliozzi Crime Family (Sin City)
Clownarelli Crime Family (CodeName Kid's Next Door)
Paulie Crime Family (Family Guy)
Springfield Mafia (The Simpsons)
Calabresi Crime Family (The Simpsons)
Castellaneta Crime Family (The Simpsons)

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