Carlotta Crime Family

The Carlotta crime family is a fictional American Mafia syndacate that has an important role in the 2007 movie Smokin' Aces.
In the movie is portrait as one of the most powerful Organised Crime Families in the US.
Despite their power is nation wide, the movie is focused on the Carlottas business in the Las Vegas underworld.
The Don of the Carlotta family is the Nevada based gangster, Primo Sparazza, an old unhealthy kingpin, also friend and business associate with Buddy "Aces" Israel, a famous Las Vegas magician and "wannabe" mobster.
Aces, after being tought how to make money in the Mob by Sparazza himself, manage to slipt away from the Carlotta family Las Vegas Crew, creating his own one.
Due to this power struggle the Carlottas are forced to end this problem in blood.
Primo Sparazza's Underboss Sidney Serna is named to take care of the "contract" and Capo Victor "Baby Buzz" Pedisci arringes the hit.
Despite their loyalty to the Family's cause, the main intention of the two mobsters is to take over the whole Carlotta Family business by taking care of the Israel situation first and get rid the old man Sparazza, afterwards.
Once the rumors that a contract was put upon his head reached Israel, he splits away joining the Witness Protection Program.

At the end of the movie the situation of the Carlotta Crime Family is unknown.

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