Boss of Bosses(film)

Boss of Bosses is a 2001 made for TV movie about the life of former Gambino Family boss Paul Castellano. It stars Chazz Palminteri as Paul Castellano, Patricia Mauceri as his wife Nina, Mark Margolis as Joe "Piney" Armone, and Angela Alvarado as his mistress Gloria.

This film focuses on Paul growing up, becoming disenchanted with his working class lifestyle, spending time with and being influenced by his cousin Carlo Gambino, and his friendship with Joey Armone and Tommy Billotti, and also focuses on his growing relationship with Gloria. This film also serves as a perfect companion piece to Gotti. (Boss of Bosses climaxes with Paul Castellano's murder, while Gotti focuses on the events before, during and after the murder).

The film documents his rocky relationship with his soldiers, along with friend Neil Dellacroce, and climaxes when he attends the famous "meeting" at Sparks Steak House, where he and his bodyguard/new underboss Tommy Bilotti are murdered as they exit their vehicle in an ambush arranged by John Gotti.

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