Big Fat Paulie

Paul "Big Fat Paulie" Tucci is a fictonial Mobster on Family Guy and is Boss of the Paulie Crime Family

Big Fat Paulie is a big, fat, annoying man. When Peter Griffin owed the mafia a favor, he was asked to spend an evening with Big Fat Paulie, a man whom no one could stand. Paulie became attached to Peter and wanted to spend all of his time with him. When Lois wanted Peter to stop spending time with Paulie, Paulie misunderstood what Peter wanted and put a hit out on Lois. Unfortunately, before he could call it off, Paulie was brutally murdered a la The Godfather II [I think it was II. Someone who's a bit more brushed up on their Godfather may correct this. —HQ ]. He was mentioned later in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, when his grave was believed to have been discovered.


Paulie with the Show's star Peter Griffin.

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