Bernardo Brusca

Bernardo Brusca, a local Mafia patriarch, served concurrent life sentences for numerous homicides. Bernardo Brusca allied himself with the Corleonesi of Salvatore Riina and Bernardo Provenzano when he replaced Antonio Salamone as capo mandamento of San Giuseppe Jato, paving the way for his three sons’ careers – apart from Giovanni, his younger brother Vincenzo and elder brother Emanuele – in Cosa Nostra's most powerful and ruthless clan.Giovanni’s father Bernardo Brusca, capo mandamento of San Giuseppe Jato wearing the traditional coppola – a symbol of the Mafia Brusca had been in prison since 1985 serving several life sentences. He died of a heart attack at 72 on December 8, 2000. He had been ill for some time. Brusca eventually forgave his sons Giovanni and Enzo for collaborating with the Italian authorities, telling his lawyer at one of their last meetings: "I'm an old man. I don't count for anything. But they made the right choice."

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