Benedetto Aloi

Benedetto "Benny" Aloi (b. October 6, 1935) is a New York City mobster and a prominent figure in the Colombo crime family who was prosecuted in New York in the famous "Windows Case".

Born in New York City, Aloi is the son of former Colombo caporegime, or captain, Sebastian "Buster" Aloi. Under their father's tutelage, Aloi and his brother Vincenzo "Vinny" Aloi started working for the Colombo family and became made men in the family. Benny Aloi learned to run gambling, loansharking, and trucking operations in New York's Garment District. Both Aloi brothers eventually become caporegimes, leading crews of soldiers. During the 1980s, Aloi became an acting boss on the Ruling Committee/Panel that ran the Colombo family for two years from 1986-88. He later became the consigliere for acting boss, Vittorio "Vic" Orena.

The Colombo family was soon rocked by rebellion. When Carmine "Junior" Persico went to prison in 1988, he made Orena acting boss for the family. However, by 1991, Orena wanted the job permanently. That year, Orena and his supporters, including Aloi, started a rebellion against the imprisoned Persico. This conflict became known as The "Colombo War". Most of the Colombo family were unhappy with Persico's leadership and supported a change. In addition, Orena was supported by the most powerful capos in the crime family and the current acting hierarchy. When the Colombo War finally ended in 1993, Aloi's ranking was downgraded to that of capo. However, Aloi was in prison by that point.

At the start of the Colombo War, Aloi was indicted in the famous "Windows Case" along with members of the Gambino crime family, Lucchese crime family, and Genovese crime family. In late 1991, Aloi was convicted on rackeetering charges under the RICO Act and conspiracy to murder a government witness. Under normal sentencing guidelines, Aloi might have received a three to five year sentence. However, due to his criminal record and his high rank in the Colombo Family, Aloi received got 12 to 15 years instead.

As of April 2008, Aloi is imprisoned at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Devens in Massachusetts. His projected release date is March 17, 2009. The mob is allegedly taking care of Aloi's family and watching his criminal interests while he is in prison. Aloi reportedly still retains his position of 'senior advisor' to the remaining Orena faction.

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