Barzini Crime Family

The Barzini family is a Fictonial Crime Family in The Godfther(Film).
is one of the most powerful of the Five Families, second only to the Corleones. It is run by Don Emilio Barzini and operates out of Midtown, the richest district of New York. They were also know to have toeholds in Wall Street, Sicily and even Hollywood, where it was rumoured they often supported movie mogul Jack Woltz, whose mansion was mimcked by Emilio Barzini, who had a similar one built to use as his compound. In New York itself, the Barzini Family owned a total of three warehouses in Midtown and Hell's Kitchen, which enabled them to do business in an one of the five districts of New York.

The Barzinis were known to keep to themselves and were never openly hostile to the other Families. However, in the 1940s, Don Barzini plotted with rival Don Phillip Tattaglia to destroy the Corleone Family and gain dominance of New York. Barzini almost suceeded, pushing Vito Corleone to call for peace after the death of his eldest son, Sonny.

However, the wily Don Vito discovered Barzini's plot and his son Michael took revenge, killing Barzini who was replaced by Paulie Fortunato. In the film/novel, Al Neri was Don Barzini's killer, but in the game, Aldo Trapani did the job.

Fortunato resented the Corleone Family's hypocrisy by getting into the drug business, but later became their ally, defending Michael Corleone against Carlo Tramonti's accusations at a Commission meeting. Fortunato was killed in Joey Zasa's helicopter attack in 1979.

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