Anthony Stabile

Anthony Stabile ( December 27, 1904 - 1985) was a New York mobster who belonged to the Gambino crime family and participated in several hijackings at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) in Brooklyn, New York.

Born in Sunnyside, Queens, Anthony became an associate, or non-member, of the New York Lucchese crime family. Anthony's brother Thomas Reinaldo Stabile (May 23, 1947 - October 1, 1999) also belonged to the Lucchese family and eventually went to jail for ten years for armed robbery. Thomas would later rise to prominence over his brother and become a capo in the Lucchese crime family who served under Thomas Lucchese and Carmine Tramunti. Anthony is the father of Joseph Stabile and relative of Gambino crime family mob associate Rosario Stabile who was a chef and mob associate involved with the Colombo crime family.

In the Gambino family, Anthony worked closely with future mob informant Henry Hill, Jimmy Burke, Salvatore Polisi, Tommy DeSimone and Stanley Diamond on many hijacking jobs at JFK Airport in Queens. At one point, Anthony became friends with Hill and even helped him cover up an affair from Hill's wife. Soon Anthony became involved in narcotics trafficking with Hill, DeSimone, and Burke.

Anthony was present at the card game when DeSimone shot and maimed sixteen-year old Michael "Spider" Gianco at Robert's Lounge in Queens. After the shooting, Anthony drove the wounded boy to a doctor. Several weeks later, Anthony was at another card game at the Lounge when DeSimone shot Gianco a second time and killed him.

Anthony was later picked by Burke to murder Hill and Robert "Bobby" Germaine's son, Robert Germaine Jr. However, Hill became an informant, testified against Paul Vario and the members of his crew, and safely escaped into a Witness Protection Program.

In 1985, Anthony Stabile was found shot in the head, gangland execution style, in the trunk of his burning Cadillac in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.


Anthony Stabile potrayed by Joe Adonis' son Frank Adonis

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