Ancelotti Crime Family

Ancelotti Family is a fictonal Crime Family in the Grand theft Auto series.
Appearances: GTA IV

Part of the Cosa Nostra "Commission". Formed in the late 50's by Giovanni Ancelotti, an Italian immigrant from Naples, who managed to reach the top of the Liberty City underworld. Many of Ancelotti's men work at the Alderney City Fruit Markets, while the rest of the family's businesses are set in Algonquin. According to the Don of the Gambetti family, Jon Gravelli, he was going to kill Giovanni's uncle many years ago but decided to spare him. The Ancelloti family are the weakest of the Five Families, needing to hire Albanian thugs for extra muscle. Because of this, the Ancelottis are often the target of the Pegorinos and their hired muscle, the McReary Irish mob. They also start to work with the Russian mafiya, earning the wrath of Gravelli's Gambetti family, who consider it an insult to work with foreign crime syndicates.

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