Analyze That

Analyze That is a 2002 movie produced by Warner Brothers Studios. It is a sequel to the popular 1999 mafia/therapy comedy Analyze This. Directed by Harold Ramis, it once again stars Robert De Niro as a mobster and Billy Crystal as a psychiatrist.

Nearing the completion of his sentence in Sing Sing prison, Paul Vitti's life is threatened by assassins while incarcerated. He fakes insanity and starts singing showtunes from West Side Story. This draws the attention of Ben Sobel, who organises Vitti to be released into his custody, convinced he really needs help. But shortly after, Ben discovers Vitti's insanity is a ploy to get out of jail, which Vitti reveals. Needing some therapy himself after his father's death, a grieving Sobel talks Vitti into finding a regular job. Vitti attempts to find a legitimate job (he tries his hand at a car dealership, a jewelry store and a restaurant), but to no avail.

At the same time, he also discovers that the Rigazzi family are the ones who want him dead. He reacts to this by telling the Rigazzis that he is 'out', and seeking a new line of work. He finds employment working as a technical advisor on the set of a Sopranos-like mafia TV series. Meanwhile, FBI agents inform Sobel that Vitti has his old crew back together, and may be planning something big. This rouses Sobel's suspicion, and he visits Vitti, the two get caught up in a car chase, which ends in Vitti escaping. The FBI blames Sobel, and gives him 24 hours to track down Vitti.

After locating Vitti (through Sobel's own son Michael, who now works as Vitti's chauffeur), Sobel discovers that Vitti is planning a big heist. He tries to talk Vitti out of it, but Vitti goes ahead and Sobel is forced to go along. The crew score $20m in gold bullion, but some of Rigazzi's thugs take over. Sobel in a fit of anger defeats one of them and Vitti's men take care of the rest. They use the $20 million in gold bullion to frame the Rigazzi family leaving the Rigazzi goons locked in a truck suspended from a crane. This leads to the arrest of the entire Rigazzi family, and in turn, prevents a mob war.

Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti
Billy Crystal as Dr. Ben Sobel M.D.
Joe Viterelli as Jelly Riminatia (in his last role)
Lisa Kudrow as Laura Sobel
Cathy Moriarty-Gentile as Patti LoPresti
Frank Gio as Lou "The Wrench" Rigazzi
Reg Rogers as Raoul Berman
Kyle Sabihy as Michael
Anthony LaPaglia as Anthony Bella

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