8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag is a 1997 American black comedy film starring Joe Pesci .he directorial debut of screenwriter Tom Schulman. In 1998 the film won the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film's Silver Raven award.

Pesci plays Tommy Spinelli, a wiseguy hired by a pair of dimwitted hitmen to transport a duffel bag full of decapitated heads to a crime boss (as proof of the deaths), but the bag gets switched with an identical bag belonging to Charlie Pritchett (Andy Comeau), an American tourist flying to Mexico to meet his fiancee's parents. The bags are switched on the plane after landing. George Hamilton plays Dick, the father of Charlie's fiancee, who later is arrested for the possession of the heads.

One memorable scene in the film is a dream sequence featuring Tommy being awakened by the eight heads who begin singing a revised version of "Mr. Sandman" as headless zombies crash through the walls and try to attack him.

The movie was a box-office flop, earning just under $4 million in its entire theatrical run

The movie on the whole was not critically well-received either. Although Roger Ebert praised Joe Pesci's performance as being "the best thing in the movie; he's funny every moment he's on the screen", Ebert also remarked that the rest of the movie underperformed as a comedy . Entertainment Weekly's Bruce Fetter was even harsher to the entire production, giving the movie rating of 'F' and further stating that it "aims for dark farce but ends up playing more like Weekend At Bernie's VIII"

The movie currently holds a rating of 12% (rotten) at Rotten Tomatoes

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