42 Gang

The Forty-Two Gang was a teenage street gang in Chicago during Prohibition. Like Brooklyn's Italian and Jewish street gangs of Brownsville and Ocean Hill, the Forty-Two Gang served as a "farm team" for future members of the Chicago Outfit. Forty-Two gang members included future syndicate members Sam "Teets" Battaglia, Felix "Milwaukee Phil" Alderisio, Samuel "Mad Sam" DeStefano, Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti, Fiore "Fifi" Buccieri, Albert Frabotta, William "Smokes" Aloisio, Frank "Skids" Caruso, William "Willie Potatoes" Daddano, Joe Ceasar DiVarco, Rocco Potenza, Leonard Gianola, Vincent Inserro and brothers Leonard and Marcello Giovanni "John Marshall" Caifano.

The gang's history has been well documented and researched. In 1931, sociologists at the University of Chicago determined that of the original forty-two gang members, over thirty had been killed, seriously wounded or imprisoned on a variety of charges, including murder, armed robbery and sexual assault.

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