1998 Bank Of America Robbery

In 1998, struggling mobster Ralph Guarino, decided to rob the World Trade Center's Bank of America. He recruited a friend named Salvatore Calciano, who had worked at the World Trade Center for 20 years.

Salvatore explained to Ralph that following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, there was camera surveillance of almost everywhere inside the World Trade Centers, inside garages and even in elevators. Also, all employees had to wear ID tags when operating within the building. This obviously posed a problem, after a conversation between Salvatore and Ralph, the persuasive Ralph cajoled Salvatore into handing over an ID badge only issued to trusted employees, such as himself.

Sal informed Ralph that at a specific time a Brinks van arrived to deliver money in U.S. and foreign currencies from the Bank of America's many branches and was sent, by elevator, to the 11th floor of the first tower of the WTC. Ralph realised the potential this robbery had, financially. Ralph and his brothers had been in and out of prisons for petty thefts, and truck hijacking.

Ralph's most prominent financial drain was a girlfriend who forever demanded that he pay for her to stay in Manhattan's finest establishments. He concluded that $3 million in cash would be useful for him and Sal.

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